Ten Tips To Successful Negotiations

September 10th, 2013 by admin

The ability to negotiate successfully is crucial and the main secret behind survival in the current business world. Negotiations can be very interesting and fun if you understand know what you are doing and how. Whether you are trying to conclude a commercial or a corporate agreement, office lease and sales terms, resolving disputes over a patent, or reaching a business deal with a client, strong negotiations will be useful.

Negotiations are usually the idea of working in partnership in order to achieve the best for every party that is engaged, while setting forth the terms for a productive and healthy business relationship. Negotiating requires the person be skillful and be confident in their skills and strategies.

Ten Tips To Successful Negotiations

  1. Understand your goals: Before you begin the negotiating process, you need to know your objectives or the ultimate goals that are desired to be achieved, this will place you in a position to set negotiating limits. Also, you should be able to know what you are ready to compromise as well as what is not negotiable.
  2. Do some homework: This will enable you to have prior knowledge about the company and the individual whom you will be negotiating with, as well as to give you an insight into the desires and objectives of the other party in order to tilt the negotiations in a favorable way.
  3. Aim high while being assertive: Being assertive is part of negotiation consciousness, this enables you to take care of your interest while maintaining respect for the other party’s opinion. Furthermore, aiming high will allow you to have a larger room for consensus or compromise.
  4. Ensure that Negotiations are timely: It should be such that the negotiating is done when every party is fully attentive and full of energy. Plus the process should occur when there is sufficient time to complete the discussion.
  5. Stay focused: This is a time when you should not be tired, rushed, or distracted by other factors. Being focused will ensure that you do not get off the tangent, but rather be within the topic of discussion. The more focused you are, the more you are likely to secure your goal.
  6. Do not be over friendly: Business and friendship are two different things and should not be mixed. Negotiations should be based upon mutual respect and understanding and not on the notion of friendship.
  7. Put negotiating notes in writing: It is important to take down notes in order to ensure that all the necessary details indicated are discussed. Plus the moment you reach an agreement it is important to put down the agreed terms in writing.
  8. Stay calm: It is necessary to be calm and not to act eager, excited, or impressed in front of the other parties; neither should you use provocative words, gestures, or be carried away with anger. Listen carefully to your counterpart and avoid making assumptions, plus try and show some interest in your counterparts concerns.
  9. Aim for a win win situation: The aim of negotiations should be focused in arriving at a solution where all parties end up with equivalent gains. These types of negotiations will build a lasting business relationship.
  10. Be willing to get seek help: Complex negotiations will require that you incorporate the help of an expert such as an attorney or a Realtor. If you do not understand a particular sector or lack experience in negotiations do not be afraid to enlist assistance.

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