Stop the Micromanagement Madness

September 13th, 2013 by admin

Micromanagement is a management style where a manager closely observes and controls the work of his or her employees. In general, it ends up having a negative effect to the business. In these cases, managers tend to use excessive control over the subordinate. Micromanagement is more or less the same as mismanagement. Micro-managers are bad news to the whole business and also to the employees. They tend to dis-empower the staff, stifling invention and innovation, and giving a rise to poor performance.

Signs of Micromanagement

There are a number of warning signs regarding micromanagement, that when recognized, steps should be taken to prevent. For instance, the following are some of the warning signs:

  • a manager resists to delegate work to the employees
  • a manager losing loyalty and commitment to doing work
  • looking at a detail instead of the big picture
  • a manager discouraging others from making decisions
  • immersing oneself in the work that is assigned to others
  • getting involved in the work assigned to others without consulting them
  • focused on monitoring work that is least important and expecting detailed reports on the items
  • pushing aside those colleagues who have knowledge and experience in a certain sector
  • having a lot of focus on the wrong priorities
  • having a de-motivated team

Coping with Micro-managers

How can one cope with micro-managers as an employee? The following are some of the corrective measures that can assist you as an employee to put a stop to a destructive management style.

  • Try to understand your manager – Learn to see things from their point of view. Try understanding the signs of micromanagement and knowing what they really want to achieve. When the company or the business pursues a common goal, it helps build trust and this will give you more freedom.
  • Also try to assess your behavior – By assessing your behavior, you ask yourself some questions and give yourself sufficient answers. Are you doing anything that can give your manager some cause for concern? Are you giving your job the full attention? Perhaps your manager might be a very good timekeeper while you take a more relaxed approach. What you need to do is try to match and cope up with their values and beliefs.
  • Frequently communicate with your manager – Good communication between you and your micro-manager gives rise to good results and it is the best way to deal with them. Ensure that you give them an update on their progress of every opportunity.

Most micro-managers don’t recognize their behavior and and the impact it has on the workforce. It will be worthwhile to point this out after you have gained some trust since they may be open to hear your point of view.

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