Best Places for Small Business Operations

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Small business establishments are the backbone of the United State’s economy. The key to small business success? Finding the right location can make or break the success of a company, and a small business is no exception. As a partner to small business operations everywhere, Unitel, Inc. has the scoop on where the best places are to set up shop in the United States.

The Best Small Business Locations

Best Small Business Location #1 – Denver

Given the fact that about 97 percent of all employers in Colorado are ranked as small businesses owners and that these companies add up to a total of 90 percent of Denver’s Metro Chamber of Commerce membership, Denver is a no-brainer for small businesses. This metropolitan boasts about having up to 30 businesses with fewer than 250 employees for every 1,000 residents. In addition, its workforce is growing at the second fastest rate countrywide, and it also provides the fifth best wage rate for its employees in the country. If you are a small business, make sure Denver, Colorado, is on your radar.

Best Small Business Location #2 - Boston

Although Boston will always remain #1 in our hearts, — it being our hometown and all — it was named amongst the best places for small business establishments. Its high ranking is largely attributed to the fact that it was named among the top 10 locations countrywide, based on the number of small businesses per capita, the unemployment rate, working hours, small business vitality, and the amount of disposable income. These factors combined overshadow its relatively expensive cost of living, making it rank as the second best small business location in the United States.

Best Small Business Location #3 - Minneapolis

After taking a look at the makeup of companies that comprise the Minneapolis Chamber of Commerce, about half of the members have less than 50 employees on their payrolls, and the environs of Minneapolis have approximately 27 companies with less than 250 employees for every 1,000 residents. It also earned points for having the least job competition when compared to the other cities assessed in the CardHub’s survey.

In addition, across the board, Minneapolis employees spend fewer hours on the job. This small business mecca also earned points for ranking among the top 10 best cities with reference to industry vitality, small business vitality, and levels of stress on the job.

Find Your Ideal Small Business Location Today

With small business establishments popping up everywhere, it is important that you give your business a competitive edge by positioning yourself in the best area. Although these are just the top three best small business locations, there are many other great areas available. The important thing to do when starting a small business or relocating one is to do your research and make a well-informed decision.

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